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Getting an appraisal before putting your  home on the market saves you time and money.

Selling your home? You would be wise to invest in an appraisal. An appraisal doesn't cost that much and it pays you in the long run! We are not talking about how much you've spent buying and improving your home, or how much you want for it. Instead, the appraisal measures your home's market value. A home is only going to sell for what another person is offering to give you.

Appraisals are valuable tools for homeowners selling without an agent

An increasing amount of Texas homeowners are choosing to sell their homes FSBO (For Sale By Owner) and foregoing the help of a real estate agent. But if you're going to do it right, quickly and for top dollar, you need a professional appraisal. It can be very difficult to get an objective opinion, we're human too, we understand it is difficult to be objective about your own home because of your emotional attachment to it. We will inform you of what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

Not only will getting a professional appraisal help you set a sensible asking price to attract more potential buyers, a professional appraisal can:
  • Give you an advantage while bargaining once you have a potential buyer
  • Put buyers at ease with written proof of the condition of your home's interior and exterior
  • Make you aware of problems and get rid of any overlooked repairs that might stall a closing
  • Help lower the odds of unrevealed problems that cause sales to backslide
People are sometimes surprised to discover the value of their home is more than they originally believed. Spending a little on a professional appraisal could allow them to get several thousand more than they originally expected. Others have an an exaggerated impression of the value of their home. An appraisal may provide them the assistance they need in order to realistically price their home; Therefore, allowing them to quickly sell it, rather than sitting on the market for months. An overpriced home causes buyers to back off, reducing your offers, making closing more difficult, wasting your valuable time and draining your resources while getting nothing done.

We also are available for general consulting

Maybe you feel like you don't need an "appraisal" but you still want assistance gathering local property and sales data. We can help solve your real estate concerns with services especially tailored for clients with your real estate needs.

If you're curious what you'll be getting from William Trigg Appraisal, LLC when you order an appraisal just take a look....

  • We take great pride in making sure that when you send your initial inquiry, you get a fast response: We tailor information to the needs of our customers. Just let us know your situation, and we will give you suggestions.
  • Swift turnaround time: On an average, 3 to 5 days after the date the Appraiser visits the property, we can have a PDF of the report ready to download.
  • Consulting and appraisal report formats that suit YOUR needs: We've done a large amount of assignments, and we've learned that in the business of real estate appraising, there isn't a typical or standard assignment. We offer many different report types and have know how at providing appraisals to consumers sans the industry jargon and in an easy to understand format with consumers in mind.
  • Any follow up questions? You can expect a fast response from William Trigg Appraisal, LLC: Reports we create are clearly written, understandable, and meet the Uniform Standards of Professional Practice that moderates the appraisal practice. If you have any questions concerning your appraisal after you've read through the report, feel free to give us a call or email us!